Let's talk about disability

I am no stranger when it comes to talking about disability. It is actually something I am quite happy to talk about, whether this is in a blog post or in person. However, Scope have found that two thirds of people feel awkward around disability, and I believe this needs to change.

Disability is not something that should be feared by others and Scope's Role Model scheme has set out to challenge this notion.

The aim of Scope Role Model's is to end the awkward before it begins by delivering workshops to secondary school students (primarily in Year 8) and just letting them as questions in an open and safe environment. I understand that people may not ask questions about disability because they are worried about saying the wrong thing- or even offending that person. As a result, it has led to a stigma around disability and could even be described as a taboo topic. After delivering one of these sessions myself I have fallen in love with it even more! The hour session is a combination…

Employment is round the corner

Employment is closer than I think, and that in itself is terrifying! The uncertainties about employment are what make it seem daunting, when in actual fact I'm also excited for what the next chapter has in store. However, before I even starting thinking about a job, I still need to find a suitable work placement for the end of this academic year!
At the grand age of 19, I've never had a job. I've babysat for some friends and volunteered in a charity shop for a few months, but nothing more then that. This doesn't mean I don't want a job, or that I would be incapable of getting any kind of job- quite the opposite! People of my age tend to work in pubs, restaurants, retail or in cafes. There is nothing wrong with these jobs at all, but can you imagine me carrying multiple plates and drinks across a busy room with multiple obstacles?! I might try this for a laugh, but I'd be paying them for the broken items at the end of it! 
As well as finding a job that is practica…

Don't Pre-judge the Pre-cut!

We all are a prone to choosing connivence foods- myself included. In today's society we are more likely to pick up these items to save time and make it easier in the kitchen. Whether you have a family to feed or are working longer hours (or both!) then pre- prepared food will be more enticing during the dreaded weekly shop.
However, last week an article was published on Huffington Post titled: M&S Pulls 'Cauliflower Steak': Other Supermarkets Also Sell Over-Packaged Vegetables which shames supermarkets for their unneeded plastic packaging. This started when a customer went to twitter to share her concerns about the product. After gaining a large following the 'Cauliflower Steak' has now been removed from M&S shelves.

But why is this bad? Cutting down on the use of unneeded plastic will benefit the planet and follows Theresa May's long- term plastic ban in the process. Like tweet above illustrates, why buy sliced cauliflower when you can buy a whole one …

The 'BIG' Little Things of 2017

I will not be the first person to say that this year has gone really fast, and most probably will not be the last. Seriously though, where has 2017 gone! Focusing on the little victories can help to get you through a hard week, it can be the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet at the end of the year, it is these small victories which can be the most influential things that have happened. 
CP Teens UK became a registered charity
Okay, this isn't a little thing as such, but it cannot be missed. On Thursday 16th March I was sat in a lecture and received a message from Ellie (the founder of CP Teens UK) saying that we were officially a registered charity. That one message meant so much and attempting to focus on the lecture was very hard, it was such a milestone. Gaining charity status is a VERY long process and something that had taken a lot of dedication and effort from Ellie and her mum. By becoming a charity, CP Teens has had the chance to expand so much this year, get their own of…

Giving the Cane a Chance

Like any new mobility aid, the cane was going to take some time to get used to. I may not have liked the idea of it all to begin with, but I felt the same when I started using a wheelchair and a walking stick- there seems to be a theme here! Yet, this felt slightly different, entering a new medical world of visual impairment.

After being registered as partially sighted in February, it was advised that using a white cane would be beneficial due to how my visual impairment affects my sight. I am not going to lie, this was a shock. If you have read previous posts on this then you'll know that I did decide to learn how to use a long cane in an attempt to stop myself tripping up over things, but I was quite apprehensive about using a long cane.

To begin with I did find it helpful during the training sessions and saw how it could be really useful for myself, but using it was another thing all together. The first time I used my white cane was when I was looking in a few shops with my fam…

Just a Typical Cerebral Palsy Day